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    Fabien Pio

    Fabien Pio is a french photographer, former student at the Fine Arts school of
    His pictures are made of daily wanderings, in order to use the photographic medium
    as a way to write the simple things of life, like a diary, an everyday notebook. And
    through this, trying to evoke a cinematographic and literary language, according to an
    essential place to the narrative of the pictures. This is like an autobiography,
    representing oneself through the others and the things that happen to everyone,
    based on a latent reality, or maybe an underlying fiction, at the same time intimate
    and universal, sketched between dream and reality, an everlasting ambiguity in
    between presence and absence.


    Arja Hyytiainen

    Finnish. Born in 1974. Lives between Paris and La Rochelle.
    « Completely contemporary, free and demanding, the work of Arja Katarrina
    Hyytiäinen is part of the today’s school, from the tradition of the street photography,and that has replaced its form to claim the author status. Saying its necessity and its singularity, devoting itself to subjectivity, and influenced by cinematographic aesthetic, the whole work, extremely respectful for representing people, is from a new contemporary humanism,” according to Christian Caujolle.
    In just a few years, she has acquired a reputation throughout Europe, particularly
    where she has lived in Eastern Europe, and become known through her solo
    exhibitions (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Moldavia, Slovenia). In 2006 she was awarded by the Kodak Prize for Critical Photography and the Fotoestiwal (Poland)
    Grand Prix in 2007.
                                     -from www.agencevu.com


    Anders Petersen

    Anders Petersen was born 1944 in Stockholm, Sweden.14 years old his family moved to Karlstad in Värmland, where he met the artists Karin Bodland and Lars Sjögren.In 1967 he starts photographing a bar called Café Lehmitz in Hamburg, close to Zeughausmarkt. He was photographing there for a period of almost three years and in 1970 he had his first soloexhibition over the bar in Café Lehmitz with 350 photographs nailed to the wall.In 1973 he published his first book ”Gröna Lund”, about people in an amusementpark in Stockholm. In 1974 he graduated from the Swedish Filmschool,Dramatiska Institutet, in Stockholm. In 1978
    he published ”Café Lehmitz ” in Germany.In 1984 the first book in a trilogy about locked instituations was published. The three books were about people in a prison, a nursing house,and a mental hospital. After photographing the mental hospital for three years he oriented himself towards a more free approach in a kind of diarylike photography.During 2003 and 2004 Anders Petersen was appointed Professor of Photography in the School of Photography and
    Film at the University of Göteborg, Sweden. He regularly has workshops and exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and in the USA. He has received numerous grants and rewards since the seventies.In 2003 Anders Petersen was elected the ”Photographer of the Year” by the International Photofestival in Arles.In 2007 he received the ”Special Prize of the Jury” for his exhibition ”Exaltation of Humanity” by the third International Photofestival in Lianzhou,
    China.In 2008 he received the ”Dr. Erich Salomon Award” by Deutsche GesellschaIn 2012,nominated to the Swedish Photo Book Prize in Stockholm for ”SOHO”, and PhotoBook of the Year award for ”City Diary”Paris Photo and
    the Aperture Foundation.Anders Petersen has his darkroom in Stockholm, Sweden.


    Piotr Zbierski

    "Basically, for me photography is a language’

    My photographs are not connected by the place and time, which are usually left in conjecture, but on the level of emotions. I imagine my work as stories about balance between inconsistent states and feelings. Photography is my way of communication, my language telling about me indirectly. I create the stories somewhere in between fantasy, imagination and reality. I present the images of life which is transformed by emotions and nostalgia.For last years I have travelled a lot taking photographs of people whom I met on my way and who inspired me. In this way to some extent, my pictures have became a kind of diary. I mainly intended to create a work with which the receiver can identify, can feel pictures as present memories; rather feel them than vote as good or bad ones.”